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 End User Management

System mode settings

Understanding System mode on your end user overview.   In order to get to the system mode settings interface to manage how your batteries can charge or discharge during specified times. Please sign in at ( using your username... Read More

Octopus Energy Smart home

Linking your GivEnergy System to Octopus Energy smart home. This is a step by step guide on how to link your GivEnergy system to the Octopus Smart Energy system. Please note this integration is for Octopus Energy agile tariff subscribers.  First of... Read More

System data

System data values on the GivEnergy portal.   Contents  1 - Time: The time and date the data packets showing on the portal were collected. 2 - Status: The status of the inverter currently it can be either; normal, alert, waiting and lost.  2.1 -... Read More