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 API Documentation

API List

This is a list of available APIs that are currently being used by the GivEnergy domain For users unfamiliar with APIs. Please follow the link for using Postman Our API uses Session Cookies to allow retention between each API calls. Working solutions... Read More

Introductions with Postman

This is the API Knowledge Base for GivEnergy. For those wanting to directly interface with the API, please see API List A provided template is given below for those that use Postman ( - an API development platform. The... Read More

Battery API Beta

This is a new battery API management protocol for managing your GivEnergy inverter system. This is still a beta API protocol so providing feedback is important in the continued development of this API.   You can view this collection using this... Read More

API List - Plants

Plant API A plant is the user's homepage out of the following: Distributor, Company, Engineer and End User. The plant has information on the number of inverters  you have and the daily, monthly, yearly and total generation made by your... Read More

API List - Inverters

Inverter API The inverter is owned by an End user, distributed by a company, and commissioned by an Engineer. The inverter states the amount of energy generated POST - inverter/getInverterInfo  Get Inverter Information ParametersserialNum - The... Read More

Error Logs

The following are error message that can occur when incorrect information is input but can be handled by the server. 101 – Login Error username and password don’t match102 – Session needs to be established before accessing the API (use... Read More

API List - Plant Chart

Plant Chart API The graphing portion of the user's homepage. Lists output in chartable JSON POST - plantChart/dayLine Get Plant Energy Output of the time between 5:30am - 8:30pm on an hourly basis ParameterplantId -  Found from API get all... Read More

API List - Inverter Chart

Inverter Chart Graphing portion of the Inverter's homepage POST - invChart/DayLine  Graphing portion of the Inverter's homepage. Lists output in chartable JSON ParametersserialNum - The hybrid number of your inverterattr - The... Read More