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System mode settings

Understanding System mode on your end user overview.


In order to get to the system mode settings interface to manage how your batteries can charge or discharge during specified times. Please sign in at ( using your username and password. Then click into the system mode settings.  

Mode 1:

Mode 1 is a system setting where the system is trying to keep your grid import as close to zero as possible, when you’re generating solar energy it will use that energy to meet the power demand of your property and any excess solar generation will charge the batteries, If the demand in the property exceeds the solar generation the inverter will supplement this with discharging the batteries to help with the solar generation to meet the power demand and to keep importing from the grid to a bare minimum. 

Mode 2:

Mode 2 In this mode setting your system will generate solar energy throughout the day. It will use this generation to charge the batteries which will be discharged between the times of 4PM - 7AM this means throughout the day your energy demand will be met by the grid, while your solar generation is charging your batteries and after 4PM your energy demand will be met by the batteries discharging the energy you have generated and stored throughout the day.

Mode 3:

Mode 3 in this setting you can set your own personalised timing to discharge your batteries. You can set two separate times for your batteries to discharge E.G 6AM - 8AM (battery discharge 1) as well as 5PM - 10PM (battery discharge 2) this can meet your peak demand in power usage. Then when it shows the discharge stop time it will stop discharging the battery and begin to charge from the solar generation within your property as shown within mode 2. The second time frame  can meet your demand when you return home from work the batteries will begin to discharge again from the stored energy from the solar generation throughout the day.

Mode 4: 

Mode 4 in this setting you can set your own personalized timing for your batteries to discharge but what separates this function compared to mode 3 is this will discharge your batteries at full power to meet your demand and also export any remaining power back to the grid. If you’re on a variable tariff where the electricity supplier will pay you for exporting your excess power back to the grid. This mode setting has the ability to have to separate discharge timings like mode 3, this in turn gives you the possibility to discharge your batteries at ’peak times’ where you will get the most benefit from this function meeting your demand and exporting power back to the grid when the price is at the highest point. 

Battery smart charge:

Battery smart charge on your system mode this runs parallel to your other system modes, as the other modes are for discharging your battery this mode setting is for the charging. So this mode can be set within a timeframe and a battery percentage field. E.G. 1AM - 5AM so you can set the time you wish for your battery to be charged during these ’off peak’ and you can set percentage you wish it to charge E.G 60% then you can use this energy to meet your morning demand, then once your solar begins to generate you can charge the batteries throughout the day ready to meet your evening demand.