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Setting the lora module channels.

Configuring a new channel on the LoRa Modules


Step One

Using an RS485-USB adapter, connect a 2 core cable between the adapter and the lora module as shown in the diagram below


Step Two

Plug the RS485-USB Adapter into a laptop or computer and ensure that the RS485 Adpater can be seen with an Open COM Port.



Step Three

Using a Pin or small screwdriver, press in and hold the Deploy Button on the Front of the Lora Module until the Green LED on the front starts to flash



Step Four

Open up the LoRa software and configure the following settings: 

  1. Select the relevant port and open communication between the software and the LoRa Module.
  2. Press read and it will display the current set channel.
  3. Change to the desired channel from the drop-down list. Please note if using more than 1 set of modules on the same site, the channel will need setting far apart so that the frequencies are not too close together.
  4. Press write to set the new settings on the LoRa Module
  5. Press Reset.