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All-in-one battery firmware revisions

BAAA0007 (19 Sept 2023)

  1. Add CAN packets to PCS
  2. Improve SoC tracking to reduce liklehood of SoC error
  3. Release the 0 limit of current collection above 0.2A
  4. Change the charge and discharge overtemperature or undertemperature threshold



BAAA0006 (10 Jun 2023)


1.Handle the bug of voltage difference and temperature difference alarm;

  1. Fixf current sampling anomalies;
  2. Newly added, temperature collection routine;
  3. Fix temperature readings on the cells, being incorrect cell number/reading;
  4. Fix failure of insulation protection alarm;
  5. More than 1000mV can be added to charge;
  6. Add fast charging and discharge functions;
  7. Newly added equalisation count clearing function;
  8. SOC reading fix;
  9. fix the failure of OCV table checking;



BAA0004 (10 May 2023)


  1. Add the fault masking function.
  2. The current collection fault is changed to the fault that cannot be automatically recovered.
  3. Handle the failure to enable the 13S balance;



BAAA0004 (17 Apr 2023)


  1. Add uploading and setting of adjust parameters;
  2. Added the OCV enablement function.
  3. Added the balancing time calculation function.
  4. Added the reset function.
  5. Added the function of restoring the default protection threshold.
  6. 1AH and SOC: 1% corresponding function;
  7. Optimize the bmu dynamic data change function.
  8. Off-grid upgrade function;
  9. Serial number high and low bit exchange;