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Gateway firmware revisions


Gateway Software version GAAA0008 (7 never issued)

  1.  Auto CT direction fix (Required AIO Firmware 609 or greater)
  2.  Data storage issue optimisation


Gateway Software version GAAA0006

  1. Add the function of automatically identifying the CT direction of AC power grid
  2. DRM function
  3. Adjust the long-term overvoltage function
  4. Increase the load apparent power display when off-grid
  5. Modify the display faults of the mains led and battery led lights
  6. Add packets with major version numbers GA1.0 and SC1.0
  7. Change the recovery time of undervoltage/overvoltage and undervoltage/overfrequency protection



Gateway Software version: GAAA0005

Software changes:

  1. Newly added, Grid, PV, Load, AIO charging and discharging daily energy and total cumulative energy;
  2. Newly added, restore the default factory settings;
  3. Add RTC time settings;
  4. Newly added meter address setting function;
  5. Grid relay will now not open on AIO update, or GW update;


GAA0004 ( 10 May 2023)


  1. I/O wake-up signal is changed from event type to periodic type


GAA0003 (17 Apr 2023)


  1. The gateway communication timeout is changed from 6S to 10S.
  2. Add the low voltage traversal enable setting.
  3. Added the function of setting CT direction;
  4. Increase the upper and lower limit protection values of overvoltage, overfrequency and underfrequency;