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All-in-one inverter firmware revisions

AIO A611-D611 (08 Apr 2024)
1. Optimise N-PE Logic
2. Optimise Firmware Upgrade process, to reduce chance of stuck files left behind.

AIO Software A610 15 Mar 2024
1. Optimise BCU Upgrade issue
2. Fix 10 stage charging & pause over mightnight issues
3. Battery Pause while OffGrid Fix (Off Grid the pause function is disabled)
4. Fix BMS/BMU comms errors
5. Fix Battery today values reading always 0. Data now direct from the BCU
6. Fix PV and load calcs in Standalone Mode
7. Fix PV under 200W issue
8. Add BMS activate function from AC supply
9. Fix discharge beyond cutoff setting.
10. New Zealand and Australia certification
11. Export limit overflow error on large values

AIO Software A609-D609 (16 Oct 2023)
1. Optimize the 10-stage charge and discharge logic
2. Wifi Connection improvements
3. Factory Aging tests. Not consumer related.


AIO Software Version A608-D608

  1. Optimize the frequency modulation speed of microgrid
  2. Added the single-machine AIO function
  3. Added the function of responding to battery requests force discharge
  4. Optimize BuckBoost voltage by adding feedforward filter to reduce Harmonic current
  5. Optimize offgrid RMS loop control parameters
  6. Solve the problem that the anti-reflux function fails in the battery SOC calibration mode
  7. New add Enable the microgrid set (Off Grid Mode)
  8. New South African certification and Australian certification
  9. The off-Grid overload buzzer alarms are generated
  10. Change the data receiving ID of the BCU



AIO Software Version A607-D607

  1. Optimize CAN communication and solve CAN1 CAN2 data receiving confusion;
  2. Optimized microgrid state, data display;
  3. Add CAN filter to filter unnecessary ids;
  4. Optimize the upper limit of BUS ring output current;


AIO Software Version: A606-D606

Software changes:

  1. Optimise the power supply logic of the COM board;
  2. Add CANBus receive buffer size modification;
  3. New G98_NI and G99_NI certification;
  4. The update time of power generation storage is 30min once.
  5. Optimise the BCU upgrade process;
  6. Add the upper limit processing of the received data length to prevent buffer overflow and lockup.
  7. New upgrades will not disconnect the grid relay on AIO reboot.
  8. Optimising the disconnection of the battery is easy to trigger the inverter overcurrent problem
  9. Optimise the Grid neutral target for charge and discharge.



AIO Software Version: A605-D605

Software changes:

  1. Add BCU fault mask bit sending.
  2. Add support for multi-register setting
  3. Optimize the current compensation system
  4. Add AIO battery precharge soft start logic.



D0.604-A0.604 (17 Apr 2023)


  1. Newly added Poland, Netherlands and Belgium safety regulation Settings and LVRT enable zero-crossing detection protection time to increase to 300ms;
  2. Update the high-voltage BMS data upload protocol;
  3. Optimize the high-voltage BMS upgrade process;
  4. Extend the detection period of GATEWAY communication.