G2 Hybrid firmware revisions

This article will provide ongoing updates with any mass firmware releases with fixes, it will list the latest firmware from top to bottom.

A915-D915 (16 May 2024)
1. Add Additional PV total registers, for external PV (ID2 & ID3 Meters, GEM120)
2. Add Inverter Mode register. Hybrid/String. Prevent battery not present errors
3. Optimise removal of firmware files post update

A914-D914 (09 Feb 2024) 
Software changes: 
1. Optimise SOC Calibration, relating to stopping at 5%
2. Export Limit Overflow error Fix. 
3. Optimize the battery removal mechanism when sleep function used 
4. Fixed error with OffGrid Mode
5. Optimise PV MPPT Logic 
6. Added the quick protection function of battery overvoltage interruption


D913-A913 (11 Dec 2023)
1. BMS 3015 Support - Fix over voltage error
2. Low PV on one string affecting the other

D913-A913 11/12/2023

  1. BMS 3015 support, fixes over voltage errors
  2. 2. low PV on one string, affecting the other string

D912-A912 29/09/2023 

  1. Optimize Export  EnergyToday and Import EnergyToday power zeroing problems at midnight
  2. Optimize the inverter status display problem in the charging state
  3. Optimize the 418 meter information query problem
  4. Reduce the MPPT minimum voltage from 130V to 120V
  5. Optimize the SOC parameter after the PCS and BMS communication is lost for 30S
  6. Fine-tune the relevant parameters of off-grid control
  7. Modify the PV high voltage limit power from 300w to 3600w (Allows power when PV exceeds 500v)
  8. Modify the delay time of grid-connected cutting off-grid relay
  9. Delete the automatic identification function of lithium or lead oxide battery to avoid the risk of abnormal battery communication and battery overcharge and overdischarge



    1. Add UPS Support
    2. Local connection security verification enhancements (Requires latest App update)


    1. Add G99NI & G99NI Certification Codes
    2. Improve battery disconnect on battery overcurrent
    3. Optimize CRC issues in 0x10 multiset register
    4. Fix SOC to 0% on battery charge MOSFET disconnect
    5. Optimize battery charge logic once full (Oscillation)


1. Add 10 multi-register settings for Charge & Discharge
2. Re work the AC Charge logic (Allow discharge if SOC < Set %%, Charge if SOC < Set %%)
3. Optimize oscillation when full
4. Unlock full PV power potential on one string if required. Subject to voltage & current limits

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Created: June 30, 2023
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