System data

System data values on the GivEnergy portal.



1 - Time: The time and date the data packets showing on the portal were collected.

2 - Status: The status of the inverter currently it can be either; normal, alert, waiting and lost. 

2.1 - Normal: The inverter is running correctly and as planned.

2.2 - Waiting: The inverter is currently not charging or discharging.

2.3 - Warning/error: The system has a found a fault within the inverter. 

2.4 - Lost: The inverter has lost its WiFi signal to upload the data packets. 


3 - PV System data. 

3.1 - VPV1/2: The voltage going into the inverter via wind or solar generation 1st/2nd strings. 

3.2 - IPV1/2: The current going into the inverter via wind or solar generation 1st/2nd strings.

3.3 - PPV1/2 & PPV: The power generated via wind or solar generation shown in watts. The PPV1/2 values show the amount of power generated via wind/solar for each string, the PPV value is showing the overall power generated via both strings going into the customers unit. 

4 - Data from the grid. 

4.1 - VAC: Voltage on the grid. 

4.2 - IAC: Current on the grid. 

4.3 - PAC: Power on the grid, this value is taken directly from the EM115 grid meter. 

4.4 - FAC: Frequency on the grid. 

5 - Inverter system data

5.1 - Pinv: The power the inverter is issuing out in watts. 

5.2 - Temperature: The temperature inside the inverter currently. 

5.3 - EAC Today: Energy output from the inverter via solar/Battery in that given day. 

5.4 - EAC Total: Energy output from the inverter via solar/battery in total.

5.5 - Run time: The runtime of the inverter measured in hours.

5.6 - CHG_Temperature: The temperature of the backboard inside of the inverter unit. 

6 - battery system data

6.1 - Bat_V: The voltage of the battery measured in volts.

6.2 - Bat_I: The current in the battery shown by volts 

6.3 - Bat_Power: Power shown in the battery shown in watts.

6.4 - Bat_Percentage: The charge within your battery shown in percentages. 

6.5 - Bat_Temperature: The core temperature within the battery.

6.6 - Bat_percentage: The SOC (state of charge) The current charge parcentage of your battery. 


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