EV charger firmware revisions

AC-GL_1.12 (31 May 2024)
1. NTP call not using windows.com. Should be pool.ntp.org (Related to strict TLS requirements released in 1.11)
2. Optimise command queueing. Resolve random offline when in inverter control mode
3. Add function to adjust CP voltage threshold on a case by case basis. Causing CP11 Error, in preparing state

AC_GL_1.11 (12_Mar 2024)

1. Optimise DNS lookup Logic
2. 40-80W power noise Fix
3. Add backup DNS for VirginMedia users

AC_GL_1.10 (26 Feb 2024)

1. Optimise DNS resolution logic. Causing random network loss
2. Fix Local ModBus & OCCP simultaneous access issue.
3. Add Local Control On/Off command.
4. Add to local Web Page Setup, static network config options. DHCP or Manual settings accepted.
5. Optimise random delay parameter, for scheduled timings

AC_GL_1.07 (06 Nov 2023)

1. fix weekly schedule sun/mon start of the week issue

AC_GL_1.06 (01 Nov 2023)

  1. Add support for GEM640CTM meter
  2. Add Additional charging slots, max 21
  3. Extend the JSON Message size buffer to 1500 bytes
  4. Fix 1st week of the Month schedule error


AC_GL1_1.04/AC_GL1_1.05 Internal Release


AC_GL1_1.03 (10 Oct 2023)

  1. Add GEM120CTM Support
  2. LED On/Off Support
  3. Auto reboot on PEN Fault (Error Code 26), if safe to do so


AC_GL1_1.02.bin (07 Sept 2023) Initial Release to Beta


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Created: November 6, 2023
Last Updated: June 3, 2024
Author: Adam Reynolds

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